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BeanMyDay’s 2021 Zodiac Horoscope Forecast

Fri, 2021-01-22

Hello Beanies,

With Chinese New Year around the corner, are you wondering what the stars have in store for you? Well, you are in luck as we bring to you BeanMyDay's 2021 Zodiac Horoscope Forecast. So, grab a bite out of these CNY goodies and read on to find out what your fates are for this year!


On the career front, you will struggle to find ways to maintain employment and beat competitors in business. But, you will be in luck with the contacts you make. Students also cannot afford to slack off. Pay special attention to your health as there are 2 disaster stars present. Do go for health check-ups and look out for issues such as blood sugar levels and digestion. Lastly, on the love front, expect to make many compromises whether you are single or coupled. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Orange Walnut Cookies

Reason: Have some extra needed fibre with chewy orange bits in heart-shaped cookies that will remind you to practise tolerance with loved ones!


Luck is on your side financially as what you invest in will be highly profitable. Those in sales and IT will be thriving but do pay due caution in making decisions. Focus and consistency are key in both work and academics. This year will be tough mentally so do consider taking up yoga and wearing quartz. Love is in the air and will go smooth for both singles and coupled. In fact, it may be too smooth so avoid being too friendly amongst platonic relationships!

Recommended CNY Goodie: Spicy Vegetarian Jerky 

Reason: Cos you are definitely on fire this year!


This will be a particularly tough year for the rabbit. Pay attention to your health, quit bad habits like smoking and focus on aerobic exercises. You may be yearning to make a major career change but try to stick to what you already are doing, and inject positive energy with being a solid team player. Students should plan and follow a strict schedule. Keep a tight wallet and do not spend lavishly, especially with the lottery.  Romance may not be on the cards due to miscommunication issues but singles should not be disheartened and continue to try.

Recommended CNY Goodie: Macadamia Nut Cookies

Reason: Nuts are said to be good for the heart which will boost your efforts in improving your aerobic fitness.


Avoid alcohol, high risks sports and gambling this year due to the influence of Tai Sui. To counteract this clash, consider creating a financial plan and focusing on your love life which will be prosperous. For career-wise, try not to make any major changes or take high risks. Be wary of legal troubles and study especially hard for students.  

Recommended CNY Goodie: Lychee Soya Cookies

Reason: Our fragrant fruity, heart-shaped cookies will remind you to focus on your love life.


A financially great year awaits you with money constantly flowing in. A pay wise, and favourable stock market investment will build a solid fund for you. If you live in the East, your career luck will be even more pronounced and students will breeze through examinations. This is also your year to find the one and life with the one will be blissful. Just one thing you are at risk for though insomnia and gout. So be sure to get enough rest and cut back on the alcohol!

Recommended CNY Goodie: Crispy Egg Soy Rolls

Reason: Life for this year is sweet and rich, so indulge in some creamy egg rolls!


It will be good to pander to the will of Tai Sui this year. Work hard on being healthy and get involved with charity works. Stay away from gossip at work, but careers involving smooth talkers such as teachers and salespersons will be in a good place. Money will come and go due to a misfortune star with health and family so make sure you are covered by insurance. Singles will have many dalliances and married couples will bicker. We highly recommend a Feng Shui audit to improve your energy flows. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Original Grass Jelly 

Reason: With many conflicts to resolve, you may need to cool down your system.


An auspicious star is in your sights, meaning that work and wealth will not be hit badly if you are well prepared for emergencies. Your handphone number and contacts will bring in wealth especially in the 2nd and 6th lunar months. For your personal life, the toxic Yin Sha star will give you low energy levels and cause old injuries to haunt you. Go for low impact sports and regular health screenings. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Original Vegetarian Jerky

Reason: Low energy levels could mean you lack iron, take some rich protein foods to boost your health!


Unfortunately, your immune system will be at its lowest this year. Eating clean is essential to avoid any form of digestive issues. Your love life will also come to a standstill so you might want to turn your focus to self-care. On the flip side, your career standings will start to rise and the Tuan Tong star will increase your wealth during the 4th and 7th lunar months. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Original Soy Skin

Reason: Clean and fibrous soy skins are great to munch on while you watch NetFlix alone. 


“Money, money, money, it’s a rich man’s world!” You will breakthrough career obstacles, and make sound profits on investments which you can use for self-improvement classes. Students will do well in school. Singles will find seal the deal with their soulmates and it is a great time to get married and have babies. 

 Recommended CNY Goodie: Truffle Soy Skin

Reason: Truffles are luxury goods which we are sure that you will eat more of this year!


Those born in the year of the dog will face difficulties with health, wealth and romance. Try to boost your calcium intake and avoid diet fads. That being said, those who work in beauty and design fields will see their careers rise. Do continue to stay thrifty and wear a Pi Xu bracelet. Don’t hang on to futile crushes and seek counselling with your partner when you need it. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Pineapple Tarts

Reason: Go simple and have the most essential, fuss-free CNY treat - pineapple tarts. 


The stars have spoken up for you as you will face a healthy, successful year. Be sure to sleep enough and those in the digital and sales industries will be exceptional at work. Singles will enjoy the slew of suitors drawn their way and married couples will enjoy being close to each other if they put in the effort. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Mala Soy Skin

Reason: Lucky pigs should take the opportunity to indulge in hot, spicy soy skin. Health and love are on their side, after all!


Lastly, we have the Rat who will do well at work with good guidance from their bosses and harmonious work colleagues. Students will do well at school too. The mantra for investment is “low risk, low gain” and you should focus on your main job instead of having side gigs. You might encounter stomach issues so avoid spicy and raw foods. Your relationships will struggle with a lack of trust due to the Ju Men star. 

Recommended CNY Goodie: Almond Suji Cookies

Reason: Almond Suji Cookies are traditional cookies, making them “low risk” to your stomach. 

Regardless of what the forecast has predicted, our team at BeanMyDay and Mr Bean, wish you a prosperous lunar new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Zodiac information has been loosely adapted from YuanZhongSiu.

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