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Special Offer - 1x Yuzu Soy Chiffon Cake @$9.90 (PWP Special)

Item Code: FCB-0010


Thinking about having a taste of the clouds? Here’s one. This classic chiffon cake is specially made with Mr Bean’s Classic Fresh Soy Milk for that additional goodness, milkiness yet still light and fluffy. It’s simplicity made it an easy option to be shared among family and friends.


Apart from the classic flavour, you can now enjoy it in Yuzu for that additional zesty flavour to balance with the light sweetness present in the cake. This citrusy alternative is an elevated option to its counterpart. Both can be enjoyed with a nice cup of soy milk, pairing it’s creaminess to the lightness of the cake.

Product name: Yuzu Soy Chiffon Cake

Ingredients: Eggs, Fresh Soy Milk, Flour, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Honey Yuzu, Salt


Storage: Keep chilled (<4°C)

Net Weight: 200g

Shelf Life: 4 days

Product of Singapore