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Breakfast Bundle - 26% OFF

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Mornings just got better with our Breakfast Bundle!

*Only for a limited time period only

This bundle contains 1 Yuzu Soy Chiffon Cake, 4 Soy Milk Pouches, 6 Granola Bars

Select 4 Soy Milk Pouches:

Black Soya Milk Pouch
Black Soya Milk Pouch - Unsweetened
Chocolate Soya Milk Pouch
Thai Tea Soya Milk Pouch (New Recipe)

Shelf life: See printed date on pouch (min. 10 days)

Storage: Keep refrigerated between 2 – 4 degrees C

Net Volume: 500ml per pouch

Black Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Black Soya Beans, Sugar, Pandan Extract

Black Soya Milk (Unsweetened):
Ingredients: Water, Black Soya Beans

Thai Tea Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Soya Beans, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer, Thai Tea Leaves, Soya Milk Powder

Chocolate Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Soya Beans, White Sugar, Cocoa Powder Alkalised, Non-Dairy Creamer

Select 6 Granola Bars:

- Classic
- Blueberry

Shelf Life: 2 months

Classic Granola Bar:
Ingredients: Whole grain oats, sugar, honey, soy pulp, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, vegetable oil, almond slice, rice puff, vanilla extract, salt

Blueberry Granola Bar: 
Ingredients: Whole grain oats, soy pulp, sugar, honey, dried blueberries, vegetable oil, pistachio nuts, almond slice, rice puff, vanilla extract, salt, blueberry flavor

Yuzu Soy Chiffon Cake

Ingredients: Eggs, Fresh Soy Milk, Flour, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Honey Yuzu, Salt

Storage: Keep chilled (<4°C)

Net Weight: 200g

Shelf Life: 4 days