Mango Soya Milk Pouch (4 Packs)

Item Code: SMB-0021


This bundle consist of:

  • Chocolate Soya Milk Pouch x 4

Enjoy the slight tang from the mangoes along with our creamy soya milk.
Straight from the fridge or warm, enjoy it either way! Simply warm the pouch in hot water for 5 minutes for a warm cup of soya milk.

Shelf life: See printed date on pouch (min. 10 days)

Storage: Keep refrigerated between 2 – 4 degrees C

Net Volume: 500ml per pouch

Mango Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Soya Beans, Mango Powder (Non-dairy Creamer, Sugar, Permitted Flavouring, FD&C Colour Yellow No.5 & 6), Sugar, Pandan Extract

Product FAQs
Is the Mango soya milk pouch dairy free?

Can Take-Home Soya Milk Pouch be re-used?

Can the pouch soya milk be kept overnight or must finish within the day?
For freshness, we recommend to consume immediately after open.

How long can the soya bean milk pouch be kept?
Please refer to product best before date. Minimum 10 days.



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