Bundle of 6 (Soya Milk Pouch)

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Enjoy fresh soya milk, anytime, anywhere. it is SOY easy, SOY convenient! Soy good it leaves you wishing for more!  

Have it cold straight from the fridge or have it warm by placing the pouch in a tub of hot water for 5 minutes.

Shelf life: See printed date on pouch (min. 10 days)

Storage: Keep refrigerated between 2 – 4 degrees C

Net Volume: 500ml per pouch

Black Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Black Soya Beans, Sugar, Pandan Extract

Thai Tea Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Soya Beans, Thai Tea Powder (Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Coffee Creamer, Tea Powder)

Chocolate Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Soya Beans, White Sugar, Cocoa Powder Alkalised, Non-Dairy Creamer

Bandung Soya Milk:
Ingredients: Water, Soya Beans, Rose Flavoured Concentrated (Water, Salt, Emulsifier, Flavouring, Permitted Colour, Permitted Preservative), Sugar, Pandan Extract, Non-Dairy creamer

Product FAQs
Is the soya milk pouch dairy free?

Thai Tea and Chocolate soya milk pouch is not dairy free. Only black soya milk is dairy free. 

Please advise what's the difference between the black soya milk that are sold in paper/plastic cup versus those in packed bags?

The black soya milk served in cups can be customised to the customers’ sugar level and is meant for immediate consumption. We serve them in cold, warm or hot version. For the black soya milk pouch, it has to be kept chilled and consumed immediately when opened. The pouch is meant for takeaway packs so that customers can keep and consume at their convenience before the expiry date stated on the pack. At the moment, the black soya milk pouch is served in a default 50% sugar level. Both the contents are similar, our production and packaging methods are different hence the shelf life of the product is different too.

Can Take-Home Soya Milk Pouch be re-used?

What is the sugar content in the take home soya milk pouch?
Black Bean Soya milk - 3g/100ml
Thai Tea Soymilk - 5g/100ml
Chocolate Soymilk - 10g/100ml 

Is there non-sugar version for the take home soya milk pouches?
Not at the moment, but it is in the pipeline as we have customers requesting. 

Can the pouch soya milk be kept overnight or must finish within the day?
For freshness, we recommend to consume immediately after open. 

How long can the soya bean milk pouch be kept?
Please refer to product best before date. Minimum 10 days. 

Does your non-dairy creamer in the pouch drinks contain casein?



By Bought this for my hubby 12 Oct 2020

Shu Hui

My hubby loves the unsweetened black soy milk!
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