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Original Ice Cream (6 Cups)

Item Code: UIB-0002


Original - Soy Milk, Water, Soy Powder, Icing Sugar, Inulin, Stabilizers and Emulsifiers (E412, E415, E407, E471)


How is the Mr Bean soy ice cream different from other ice cream?

  • Smoother texture and better mouth feel compared to other ice creams because it is specially made using Udders’ new machine from Italy.
  • Lower calories and Healthier Choice certified but still tastes as extremely delicious
  • High in plant-based protein 
  • Dairy-free – Lactose intolerant people can now enjoy ice cream!
  • Low in fat
  • No trans fat
  • No cholesterol

  • Low calories!

Does the ice cream contain eggs?

No. All the ice creams are egg-free. Therefore, they are vegetarian and vegan friendly.