Soy Granola Mix (10 packs)

Item Code: GR-0007


Mr Bean freshly baked Soy Granola Mix has soy pulps added to it for an additional source of fibre and protein. Great as a breakfast cereal, light snack or an energy booster. Use as toppings in a cup of piping hot soya milk, yoghurt or ice cream.

Net Weight: 40g x 10 Individual PacksShelf Life: min 14 Days (see date printed on pack)

Ingredients: Whole grain oats, Soy pulp, Golden syrup, Honey, Dried blueberries, Pistachio nuts, Dried goji berries, Almond slices, Vanilla Extract, Salt

Product FAQ
Please advise if soy granola bar is suitable for Muslims. Does the vanilla extract contains ethanol?
Vanilla extract used in granola does not contain any alcohol. Our soy granola mix is not halal certified yet but contains no pork no lard. 

Is the soy granola mix vegetarian and vegan friendly?
Our Soy granola mix does not contain dairy, eggs, and animal products. It contains honey.



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