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UNISOY Nutritious Soya Oatmeal

Item Code: US-0004


The best of both worlds, UNISOY Instant Nutritious Soy Oatmeal combines 100% non-GMO de-skinned soybeans and 40% wholegrains into a delicious healthy oatmeal with lactose-free soy milk that is perfect nutrition for working adults and the elderly. The top-grade oatmeal provides a natural source of nutrients and the cholesterol-free soy milk are suitable for those who want to enjoy a quick, convenient and wholesome meal.

♥ 100% Organic Oats
♥ 100% Organic Beans
♥ 40% Whole-grains

3-in-1 convenient pack 
A good substitute of traditional 3-in-1 oatmeal/ oat drink with creamer or condensed milk. High in Fibre a healthier choice/

Ingredients : 100% Organic Rolled Oat (40%), Organic Soya Powder, (100% Organic Soya Bean, Fructooligosaccharide, Soya Bean Lecithin, Calcium Carbonate), Oat Powder, Sugar, Malt Extract and Tapioca Starch
Packaging Weight : 40g x 12 sachets

Product FAQ
Are UNISOY products halal-certified?
Yes. UNISOY products are Halal certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS).

Are UNISOY products suitable for vegetarian?
Yes. UNISOY products are vegan friendly.

Can people with lactose intolerance drink UNISOY?
UNISOY products are made from 100% Non-GMO and de-hulled soy beans. It is lactose free, hence it is safe for people who are lactose intolerance to consume UNISOY products.

What does GMO stand for?
GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.

If I’m on a low sugar diet, which one should I go for?
We recommend you UNISOY Nutritious Soya Milk Powder ‘No Cane Sugar Added’ or UNISOY Nutritious Black Soy Milk Powder as these 2 products does not have cane sugar added. If you prefer sweeter, you may get UNISOY Nutritious Soya Milk Powder for lower in sugar.

What is the best method to prepare UNISOY soy milk?
Ready 220ml of warm / cold water into cup, then pour in 1 sachet of UNISOY soya milk powder and stir well.
*Please do not add hot water directly to the soya milk powder, the powder will become lumpy. It will also affect the nutritional value of the soya milk.
*Do note that UNISOY Instant Nutritious Soya Oatmeal and UNISOY Instant Nutritious Soya Cereal Drink are best served in hot.

Are UNISOY products gluten-free?
UNISOY products are manufactured in facility that also processes product contains gluten.

Can UNISOY product use as infant formula?
No, they cannot. Our products are not designed to be a replacement for breast milk or infant formula.

Are UNISOY products appropriate for pregnant or nursing women?
If you are pregnant or nursing, please be sure to discuss food and nutrition concerns with your doctor before purchase the products.

Are UNISOY products suitable for diabetic patient?
UNISOY products are not tested with low GI (Glycemic Index). Please be sure to discuss food and nutrition concerns with your doctor.

How do I store UNISOY products?
Best to store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.