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Fresh Soy Milk

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Nutritious and comforting, each mouthful of Mr Bean soy milk is full of thick, creamy, natural goodness. Using only Non-GMO and Identity Preserved soy beans from North America, our little golden treasures are carefully grown and harvested by our contract farmers under a stringent and advanced farming system.

The ideal soy bean types are selected based on grades, protein level, creaminess and a taste profile suitable for our Asian palate. Right from the start, we believe in the need to select a premium, high protein soy bean grade to brew our fresh soy milk, and that belief continues to be our top priority. Identity Preserved is a farming system that allows traceability of the soy beans to its mother plant at all stages of the planting process, which allows us to ensure the purity of the soy beans.
So the next time you take a sip of our soy milk, do take a little more time to appreciate this cup of wholesome goodness.

Fresh Soy Milk Online In Singapore

As a popular alternative to dairy milk, fresh soy milk provides consumers with the same amount of proteins, yet with lower calories. It also a great source of vitamins A, D and K,  Mr Bean ensures that only healthy soy milk is served, without any preservatives or artificial flavourings.

So, if you are looking for soy milk to buy online, then look no further. At Mr Bean and BeanMyDay, we pride ourselves in serving only fresh and healthy soy milk. We have also come out with flavours such as black soy milk, made from black soy beans, and mango soy milk.

Prompt Delivery and Service

When you order our soy milk online, we go to great lengths to ensure that the milk is freshly packed and delivered promptly. We keep the milk chilled at a temperature of between three to eight degrees in ice boxes and the pouches are delivered within hours of packing from our factories. This ensures you receive the milk freshly made, exactly as the same as you would get from the stores. You can also store them in refrigerators (10 days), saving you the hassle of physical purchases, without compromising on quality.

Soy Milk

Love the cups of soy milk from Mr Bean retail stores but you have been stuck at home? Now is your time to get our soy milk pouches on BeanMyDay! These Soy Milk Pouches are the same as the ones you find in store, except they are more convenient and can be stored for a few days! All of our soy milk, regardless of whether they are the cup soy milk in stores or soy milk pouches, they do not contain preservatives and are all made of non-gmo identity preserved soy beans! Our soy milk pouches also comes in flavours such as thai tea, chocolate and even black soy milk! Whether you’re looking for flavoured, sweetened or unsweetened soy milk, we got you covered!