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Crispy Soy Skin

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Sometimes, we can still indulge in a little sinfulness so long we do not over do it!
Our delicious and crispy Soy Skin brings a spin into the traditional fried soy skin that is highly addictive. Available in Original, Mala and Truffle, choose the flavour that most suits your palate.


Ask any office worker about their office pantry snacks and you will probably hear that it is an essential part of their day. While many will say that the snacks help them to power through the work, there will also be some who have severe hunger pangs due to health reasons.Our solution? Stock your shelf with BeanMyDay’s healthy office snacks to satiate your appetite and munch on during tea breaks.

Perhaps, you enjoy munching on crunchy soy crisps as you type in tandem. Or maybe, you just can’t get enough of our rich, creamy egg rolls. Whichever you prefer, order the snacks online now and have them delivered to your office. This way, you can save yourself the hassle of making a physical trip to the store and have them at your convenience.

How To Get Snacks Delivered To Office In Singapore?

So the next time you are craving something sweet or salty, just head over to You can buy snacks online and have the snacks delivered to your office. We also provide snacks catering in Singapore with food offerings similar to that of our Mr Bean’s outlets. Our signature classic soy milk in both cup and pouch forms, as well as our pancakes can be ordered for refreshment catering anywhere in Singapore.