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Blueberry Pistachio Soy Granola Bar (New Packaging)

Item Code: GR-0011


Mr Bean Soy Granola Bar has soy pulps added to it for an additional source of fibre and protein. Great as a breakfast cereal bar, light snack or an energy booster, the blueberry soy granola bar is a must-have in your kitchen or handbag. 

Net Weight: 28g

Shelf Life: 6 months

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Blueberry Pistachio Granola Bar: 

Ingredients: Oats, Soy Pulps, Honey, Dried Blueberries, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Pistachio Nuts, Almond Slices, Rice Puffs, Golden Syrup (Sugar, Citric Acid, Salt), Vanilla Flavour, Salt, Blueberry Flavour

Product FAQ
Please advise if soy granola bar is suitable for Muslims. Does the vanilla extract contains ethanol?
Vanilla extract used in granola does not contain any alcohol. Our soy granola is not halal certified yet but contains no pork no lard.

Is the soy granola bar vegetarian and vegan friendly?
Our Soy granola bar does not contain dairy, eggs, and animal products. It contains honey.