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Soy Granola

At Mr Bean, we don’t just serve traditional goodness but we also innovate. With the objective of recycling the soya pulps that are produced every day in our soya milk production, we collaborated with Republic Polytechnic’s School of Applied Science to embark on a food innovation project.
Soya Pulps are naturally rich in fibre and protein. We reduce food wastage by recycling them while adding functional needs into the new product. And this idea lead to the launch of our Soy Granola.

Breakfast Granola

Breakfast Granola and milk has been one of the most popular and common choices for people as a healthier choice option. It can be readily prepared in barely a minute, and it contributes to a better diet in terms of the macronutrients a breakfast granola can provide. Since breakfast granola are usually made with oats, they provide an adequate source of carbohydrates which will be broken down into energy to get your day going. 

Breakfast granola can be consumed on-the-go as a form of snack, or it can be paired with many different types of foods such as our Mr Bean’s soy milk pouch, yoghurt, or some people even add it into their salads! It definitely gives everything an added crunch, which also explains why it is starting to become a staple in many people’s pantries!

Mr Bean’s Soy Granola bars are made of upcycled soypulps (Okara), where these are residue from daily soy milk production in the Mr Bean factory. This upcycling idea reduces food waste and it also adds nutritional value to another product. With added soy pulps (Okara) in Mr Bean’s Soy Granola Bar, it contributes to an additional source of fibre and protein. Great as a breakfast granola bar, light snack or an energy booster, the soy granola bar is a must-have in your kitchen or handbag. Every bar is handmade locally in our factory and they contain no preservatives. They are made freshly and is definitely suitable as a go-to snack anytime and anywhere!