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Granola Bars

In today’s modern world, everyone is constantly on the go. Be it to work, or school and otherwise, our soy granola bars will be the perfect snack to perk you up in between meals.

Our Soy Granola Bars are little, convenient treats with nuts, oats, rice puffs, and of course, our protein rich soy pulps. Soy Pulp, also known as Okara, is produced during the making of your favourite soy milk. Through this upcycling, we reduce wastage and do our part to save the environment.

We stay true to our mission of bringing life’s simple pleasures to everyone, and that includes providing you with the convenience to buy granola bars at our retail outlets. At BeanMyDay, we are able to bring this service to the next level by offering a range of web-exclusive flavours that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Our granola bars online include Cheng Tng, Gula Melaka, Chocolate Peanut and Earl Grey, local flavours that will not only tease your tastebuds but put a smile on your faces.

Our Classic Flavour was created with cranberries to perfectly blend with the taste of Soy Pulps and provide an added dosage of Vitamin C. Similarly, our Blueberry Soy Granola bar has blueberries which are known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins that boost the brain power, perfect for breakfast and anytime you need a quick boost.

Our other granola bars flavours online come with a local twist. A favourite, local flavour that we had to recreate is none other than Gula Melaka. By inputting palm sugar into our bar, we capture the nostalgic childhood taste, reminiscent of many traditional Malayan dishes. Another favourite delicacy is Cheng Tng. The dried longans are rich in Vitamin C and red dates help to stimulate white blood cell production, perfect for boosting your health!


Having a tea break is a simple joy to many and we wanted to join in on the fun with the right snack. Made with earl grey tea leaves and bergamot, this soy bar will revitalize your senses and perk you right up. Trust us, the aroma alone will leave you in eager anticipation to the next time you can catch a breather.

Lastly, to satisfy your sweet tooth, we have concocted a dreamy combination of rich, dark chocolate and roasted peanuts. To top it off, a smooth oats mixture has been added to the mix. What are you waiting for?  Feast on our healthy granola bars now!